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Animal Sanctuaries

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Protecting the environment is about more than keeping waste out of the soil. It’s about preserving the incredible diversity of life found on planet Earth and providing for the endangered and threatened species it contains.

Our donations to animal sanctuaries provide animals a way to grow and thrive, treating illnesses and injuries or providing safe havens for creatures in threatened habitats.

According to the San Diego Zoo, “You can help wildlife, including gorillas, by recycling your old cell phones. Increased mining operations destroy and pollute waterways… Most people don’t know that there’s a connection between this metal in their cell phones and the well-being of wildlife in the area where it’s mined,” Karen Killmar, an associate curator at the San Diego Zoo, told the National Geographic magazine

throughout…the Safari Park has cell phone recycling drop boxes at the turnstile exit.

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