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Your Trusted Laptop Recycling Company - Green Squared

At Green Squared, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive and reliable laptop recycling services to help you responsibly dispose of your electronic devices. With our commitment to environmental sustainability and data security, we ensure that your old laptops are recycled efficiently and effectively.

Our Laptop Recycling Process

Our laptop recycling program comes with a Data Destruction guarantee that keeps your passwords, personal information and pics private!

This is how we do it:

Request a Free Shipping Label

To get started, simply click on the "Request Free Shipping Label". We provide a complimentary shipping label that covers the cost of shipping your laptop to our recycling facility.

Pack and Ship white

Pack and Ship

Once you receive the shipping label, securely package your laptop in a box or padded envelope. Attach the label to the package and drop it off at the nearest FedEx or UPS shipping location 

(or give it to a driver).

Data Erasing

Data Eraser

Before recycling, each item we receive goes through our proprietary certified data destruction process to wipe all personal information from your laptop, protecting your privacy

Safe Recycling white.png

Safe and Secure Recycling

We take the utmost care in handling and recycling your laptop. Our certified recycling process adheres to strict environmental standards, ensuring that your device is responsibly processed.

How to Request or
Print a Shipping Label

Now that you’ve decided to recycle or sell your phones, tablets, laptops, and other electronic devices, we make it easy to speed the process along. Your first step is to click on the “Free Shipping Label” button and then choose FedEx or UPS.

For UPS, click “Continue as a Guest” on the guest login page. Instructions are on the left and it’s very intuitive. 

It's as easy as checking out online.

Green Squared Logo Shipping Box_edited_edited.jpg
Send us your personal electronics
(anything that charges up to the size of a laptop!)
and we will recycle them!

It's easy, just sign out of any devices if possible, then put them in a box

and click here to print a label. We’ll delete all personal information and recycle everything so it stays out of the landfill.

We also accept glasses for the Lions Club Sight Foundation.

In an effort to reduce the carbon footprint that shipping creates,

we ask that you send at least 5 devices at a time.

If you send 20 or more devices - you’ll automatically receive 

an Amazon gift card or we’ll donate to a charity of your choice!

Make sure to ask your neighbors or friends if they have any old smartphones lying around collecting dust that you could throw in your box.

Why Recycle Your Laptop With Us?

Laptop contain various materials, including precious metals and hazardous substances, which can pose environmental and health risks if not disposed of correctly. By recycling your laptop with us, you play a crucial role in:

Environmentally Responsible Practices

As an environmentally conscious e-waste recycling company, we prioritize responsible practices. Our advanced recycling facility follows strict environmental guidelines to ensure that each laptop is processed in an eco-friendly manner. By extracting valuable materials and reducing waste, we minimize the impact on our planet

Secure Data Destruction

Protecting your sensitive information is our top priority. Before any recycling process begins, our skilled technicians employ industry-leading data destruction techniques to completely wipe your laptop's data. You can trust us to handle your personal and confidential information with the utmost care and security.

Compliance and Certifications

We strictly adhere to all relevant regulations and certifications in the e-waste recycling industry. Our commitment to compliance ensures that your laptops are handled legally and responsibly. Rest assured that your recycling process is conducted in accordance with the highest standards of ethics and environmental stewardship.


Owner's Thoughts

Tobhiyah Green

As a lover of gardening and nature's serenity, I was troubled when our overflowing junk drawer became a graveyard for old, unused devices. If you have kids who go through tablets and phones like dirty cups, you'll understand.

I knew I couldn’t throw them away, and didn’t want to. The frugal side said they could be fixed, while the cautious side worried about the vulnerability of personal information and passwords. So, I sought an easy, free way to upcycle them, keep them out of landfills, and share with those in need.

My goal is to make keeping devices out of landfills (and junk drawers) easy and accessible. Let's refurbish or reuse parts, reducing the demand for new materials and help others access functional devices.

Do you know that 1.5 Billion smartphones are sold annually, and most are replaced every 1-2 years? That's enough to circle the Earth 2.5 times! Imagine the waste if they aren't recycled – precious metals, functional parts, and missed opportunities. Not to mention the potential for toxins to pollute water systems or harm livestock, wildlife and agriculture. For me, it's about sustainability, community support, protecting the planet's ecosystems and safeguarding future generations.

Together, we can make a difference. Our actions affect everyone as technology use grows. Let's work together to save the planet, one phone, tablet, or laptop at a time.

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Choose Green Squared for Reliable Laptop Recycling

By choosing Green Squared for your laptop recycling needs, you contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment. Together, we can reduce the negative impact of e-waste on our planet and conserve valuable resources. Take the first step towards responsible recycling today by requesting your free shipping label.

Join us in our mission to create a sustainable future. Together, let's make a positive impact and ensure a greener world for generations to come.

Recycle Laptop for Cash: Turn Your Trash into Treasure!

At Green Squared we're all about helping you make green by going green.

Recycling your Laptop isn't just an investment in a cleaner future, it's smart eco-nomics. 

Join us in our mission to protect the environment; it's a win-win for your wallet and the world.

Preserve the Environment:

At Green Squared, we understand the importance of preserving the environment for future generations. By recycling your old laptop with us, you actively contribute to reducing electronic waste and minimizing the carbon footprint associated with manufacturing new devices.

Laptop contain valuable resources, such as precious metals and rare earth elements, which can be recovered and reused through proper recycling processes. By responsibly disposing of your old laptop, you help prevent these resources from being extracted through environmentally damaging mining practices.

Unlock Hidden Value:

Did you know that your outdated laptops still hold value? Don't let them gather dust in a drawer or end up in a landfill. Our laptop recycling program provides a sustainable way to declutter your space while earning money.

Our team of experts assesses the market value of your old laptops based on factors such as the make, model, condition, and current demand. We offer competitive prices to ensure that you receive the best value for your devices. Instead of simply discarding your old laptops, trade them in for cash and unlock their hidden worth.

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