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About Us

We started as a one-man show working out of a garage in 2003 answering the question ”what do I do with my old cell phone?” as tech evolved and people upgraded. With the desire to keep those devices out of landfills, we started recycling them and sending profits to charity.


Since then we’ve grown to an organization that handles the lost and found liquidation for several large scale entertainment and gaming corporations, national hotel chains, cruise lines, theme parks, Stadiums, transit companies, and police and sheriff departments across the US. And we’ve protected our environment from over 250 tons of tech waste. 

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Environment Friendly Recycling

While our company has grown significantly, our mission stays the same To create sustainability, protect the planet one device at a time, and support communities through extensive charitable contributions.

Why Choose Green Squared for your Cell phone and E-Waste needs?

At Green Squared, we are committed to a Zero Landfill Pledge. 

As the consequences of a throwaway economy are getting harder and harder to ignore we strive to make it easy to do the right thing where e-waste is concerned. In pursuit of this goal, we go out of our way to make it effortless for companies and individuals to recycle or sell unused electronics

rather than throwing them in the trash. 

Every year, the world produces 1.3 Billion tons of waste, and America alone has more than 2,500 landfills to accommodate that waste. 

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If you are looking for a cell phone or electronics, e-waste drop-off near me that offers incredible convenience, data destruction assurances, and a great way to support your community or charity of choice, or want to sell your extra cell phones, request a Shipping Label now to get started or contact us for more information.


We offer a Data Destruction Guarantee. Our meticulous inspection process includes Certified Data Destruction, and we’re so confident in our process that we have a full assumption of liability for all non-public information that may have been stored on devices.

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