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Green Squared
Your Trusted Cell Phone
Recycling Company

We'll recycle any portable electronics you have, just toss them in the box and we'll pay for shipping!

Why Choose Green Squared For E-waste Recycling

Data Destruction Guaranteed

All electronic devices go through a meticulous inspection process and receive our Certified Data Destruction Guarantee. During this process all data is permanently erased and Green Squared assumes liability of having all nonpublic information permanently destroyed.


We'll come to you! Okay, it won't actually be us, but we'll send FedEx or UPS right away to pick up anything you want to send. All of our services, including shipping are at no cost to you.

We proudly support the causes that are important to you including community fundraisers, and dozens of nonprofits. We are happy to support your charity with proceeds from your donations. click here for more information on fundraising with us.

How to Request or
Print a Shipping Label

Now that you’ve decided to recycle or sell your phones, tablets, laptops, and other electronic devices, we make it easy to speed the process along. Your first step is to click on the “Free Shipping Label” button and then choose FedEx or UPS.

For UPS click “Continue as a Guest” on the guest login page. Instructions are on the left and it’s very intuitive. 

It's as easy as checking out online.

How Our E-Waste Recycling Works

E-Waste Recycling with Green Squared is simple and straightforward. Here's how our process works:

Free Shipping in White color

Request Your Free Shipping Label

Fill out our online form, and we'll provide you with a prepaid shipping label that you can print from the comfort of your home or office.

Pack and Ship white

Pack and Ship Your E-waste

Safely pack your unwanted electronic devices, ensuring they are adequately protected for transportation. Then, attach the provided shipping label to your package and drop it off at the Nearest FedEx or  UPS location.

Safe Recycling white.png

Responsible Recycling

Once delivered, our team of recycling experts will ensure that all your personal information is permanently removed.

Each item we receive is recycled responsibly according to EPA & State guidelines and the highest environmental regulations.

Who We Support

Together, we support safe communities by providing emergency 911 phones and support to the programs that are important to you. Our services are all 100% free to qualifying organizations. 

Green Squared
Making a Difference Exponentially

At Green Squared, our mission is to protect the environment and personal privacy

while having a positive impact on our local communities.

We Do That In 3 Ways


Free e-waste recycling programs for Unclaimed Lost and Found.


Community and Individual Electronic Recycling Fundraisers


Charitable contributions to non profits and providing 911 phones

owners Thoughts - Gree Squared Tobhiya.jpg

Owner's Thoughts

Tobhiyah Green

As a lover of gardening and nature's serenity, I was troubled when our overflowing junk drawer became a graveyard for old, unused devices. If you have kids who go through tablets and phones like dirty cups, you'll understand.

I knew I couldn’t throw them away, and didn’t want to. The frugal side said they could be fixed, while the cautious side worried about the vulnerability of personal information and passwords. So, I sought an easy, free way to upcycle them, keep them out of landfills, and share with those in need.

My goal is to make keeping devices out of landfills (and junk drawers) easy and accessible. Let's refurbish or reuse parts, reducing the demand for new materials and help others access functional devices.

Do you know that 1.5 Billion smartphones are sold annually, and most are replaced every 1-2 years? That's enough to circle the Earth 2.5 times! Imagine the waste if they aren't recycled – precious metals, functional parts, and missed opportunities. Not to mention the potential for toxins to pollute water systems or harm livestock, wildlife and agriculture. For me, it's about sustainability, community support, protecting the planet's ecosystems and safeguarding future generations.

Together, we can make a difference. Our actions affect everyone as technology use grows. Let's work together to save the planet, one phone, tablet, or laptop at a time.

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Delivering Excellence from coast to coast.

At Green Squared we take immense pride in providing services that span the entire nation.


We are committed to providing consistent,

high-quality shipping from the urban jungle

to the quiet countryside. 


We're your trusted partner for nationwide solutions.

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